We have ongoing projects where we can always use extra hands… skilled, semi-skilled or non-skilled. Faith, fun & fulfillment. Here is a list of 82 unique & different ways you can volunteer to help Habitat for Humanity of El Paso. Click on this link: 82 Ways

Wells fargo team build, October 2014

Wells fargo team build, October 2014

You can take part!

Volunteers who contribute their time to give Habitat's vision a tangible form join with future homeowner families to provide virtually all of the house-building labor.

Individuals, religious organizations and corporations that support Habitat's mission provide the tax-deductible donations of money, land and materials that make the work possible. 


"Beautiful spirits seek each other out"

– French Quote

EL PASO - It’s spring break, which means plenty of college students are hitting the beach. But some students are putting on hard hats and heading to southwest Texas instead…

”I wanted to go somewhere hot, right, spring break, get a nice tan,” said Megan Mower, a nursing school freshman from Southern Utah University. She left last week and came to work on her tan in a different way. “I have been painting, and building this shed, and caulking,” she said. But it’s not just for the spring break glow or the exercise. It’s also for the people they help.

”We moved in the furniture to one of the homeowners and she was a single mom with four little kids, and she was so great,” Mower said.

”Just the reward of helping other people and the skills that I learn while I’m down here,” said mechanical engineering senior Kyle Schmidt, from the University of Wisconsin.
— Collegiate Challenge Student Volunteers

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