Building Dignity

Inadequate shelter binds a family in struggle and hardship.  Habitat builds houses and hope alongside families who demonstrate a need and willingness to partner with us. Families invest hundreds of hours of their own "sweat equity" labor into their houses. Their monthly mortgage payments help fund the next construction project.
A Habitat home frees the family to enjoy self-reliance and self-respect. Children benefit from the stability that neighborhood schools and parks offer and communities improve with the stability of home ownership.

Building Relationships

Modeled on biblical principles, Habitat's solution to the blight of substandard housing is popular with people from many political, professional, ethnic, religious and economic backgrounds. This is the essence of Habitat–inviting diverse individuals to find common ground through using a hammer and sharing a goal, building relationships as well as houses.

Building Community

Habitat fosters reconciliation as people join together to build houses. In Northern Ireland, Protestants and Catholics work side by side on Habitat building sites. In Jordan and Egypt, Muslims and Christians are building bridges of hope. In South Africa, black and white residents heal wounds and form bonds of friendship with their neighbors. What can we do here in El Paso, Texas?…What will you build?