Habitat for Humanity El Paso is constructing a Tiny House in one day! With support of our local building community and suppliers we want to use this collaborative event to raise awareness for housing needs in our area.

Our goals for this event are:

• Foster relationships with the building community.
• Raise awareness about Habitat programs in El Paso.
• Foster contacts with product & materials suppliers.
• Seek donations of labor and materials.
• Fundraise thru non-building business partners and the public.

About the Architect of the Tiny House: Daniel Aburto

My name is Daniel Aburto, a University of Texas at Austin graduate with a degree in urban studies and a minor in architecture. I’m currently pursuing my second degree in civil engineering at UTEP. I lived in Mexico until I turned eleven years old and moved to El Paso, Texas where my father began to work as an interior designer. He took me to work with him to constructions sites where I began to learn and have an interest in construction and architecture. 

Building a tiny house gained my interest when I interned for Habitat for Humanity (HFH) in Buena Vista, CA. I saw the purpose for this tiny house build as an alternative to regular housing and to help the families purchasing a home from Habitat for Humanity El Paso. In addition, I wanted to help raise awareness for HFHEP by trying to build the tiny house in record time. 


Decent shelter is something we all need to thrive. Better affordable living conditions lead to improved health and the ability to make forward looking choices.

Click on the following link to make a Tax Deductible donation to the Tiny House Blitz Build project.

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A Big THANKS to our contributors:

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Concept Renderings of the Tiny House have been provided by Daniel Aburto. Daniel is a UT Austin graduate in Architecture and currently an Engineering Student at UTEP.