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TUES - SAT 9 AM to 6 PM


Open 5 Days a week from Tuesday thru Saturday.

HOURS - 9:00am to 6:00pm  
LOCATION:  11221 Rojas Bldg. B, El Paso Texas, 79935

CALL - (915) 706-5060

Want to donate items? You can schedule a pick-up. 
Give us a call! Don't trash it all! Call the Donation Hotline at (915) 308-0833.
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Every Habitat ReStore is as unique as the merchandise it sells. You never know what treasures or bargains await. Simply by shopping or donating, you are helping a family realize a dream of home-ownership and improving housing in your community. Visit our Facebook page: ReStore

For the community: Proceeds help the local Habitat affiliate build more homes; Habitat ReStore purchases help others renovate and repair their homes at prices they can afford.

For the environment: Donations from individuals and businesses give reusable materials a second life. In 2014, U.S. Habitat ReStores diverted more than 200,000 tons of materials from local landfills.

Habitat ReStores raise funds to support Habitat’s mission to eliminate substandard housing worldwide and to make adequate, affordable shelter a matter of conscience. By shopping, donating or volunteering at your neighborhood Habitat ReStore, you become part of a global movement dedicated to eliminating substandard housing.